Meet the Uci Cat Family

Get to know Uci Cat and the charming feline family on My Hamzah Hilam. Explore their adorable adventures and heartwarming stories.

Our Uci Family

Meet the delightful members of Our Uci Family. Learn about their charming personalities and heartwarming stories.

Uci Cat

Uci is a grey male cat with a mixture of brown and black in his fur. He has an extremely short tail.

Miciiw Cat

Miciiw is a female cat with gray and white fur. She has a long tail and loves to explore her surroundings.

Kitty Cat

Kitty is a female cat with a three-color mixture in her fur. She has a long tail. Kitty is part of Uci's family.

Still alive

Boci Cat

Boci is a male cat with gray and white fur and a long tail. He enjoys playing with other cats.

Paci Cat

Paci is a male cat with orange and white fur. He has a long tail and has a strong appetite for Uci's food.

Orange Cat

The Orange Cat is a male with orange fur and a long tail. He's Uci's best friend and always accompanies him.


Uci Cat

Hello Everyone, Let me introduce our cats: PUS UCI, CILUP, and PUS. Uci was born in 2013 or 2014. We first encountered Uci when there was an issue with another cat, but we were able to resolve it by providing food. Our daily routine involves visiting our neighbors, socializing with friends, and playing with female cats. UCI is an ash-colored cat with a short tail. Unfortunately, in August 2020, UCI fell ill and passed away on August 8, 2020. May we be reunited someday. Thank you, Uci.

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